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Forklift Licences $475.00 (2 Day Course) TLILIC2001-Licence to Operate a Forklift Truck.

Forklift training and assessment take place in a modern transport warehouse, located in Campbellfield, 20 kms north of the Melbourne CBD.

The facility has a classroom for all instructional theory, training DVDs and wriitten tests, as well as a 1000m2 transport and logistics warehouse, fitted with pallet racking, potential hazards, safety barriers and pedestrian walk-ways. 

Theoretical training is made up of classroom instruction, training DVDs and video footage of real forklift accidents, whilst practical training comprises pre-operational checks, site inspection, defensive driving, placing loads into pallet racking and parking/shutting down forklifts. 

Students can gain real experience in forklift operation, that they can utilise in their future employment.


Training and Assessing delivered under Go Workplace Training RTO No: 22464 ABN:65 133 354 391

Marine Licence Training $120.00

Marine licence training courses enable students to obtain their Recreational Boat Licence, Personal Watercraft Endorsement (Jet Skis) and a copy of the latest Marine Safety Handbook, which licenced operators can refer to before, during and after they have been boating.

Courses run for approximately 3.5 hours.

The 4 sections which make up the Recreational Boat Course are as follows:

Trip Preparation

Safe Operation

Emergency Response

Personal Watercraft Endorsement (Jet Skis)

Training and Assessing delivered under Go Workplace Training RTO No: 22464 ABN 65 133 354 391

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